Gravy trains, a goofy park and a bad finger

The Mariners are in Houston and that's a problem. Jamal Adams is from Houston and he's got a problem and then there's LIV Golf which some people say as no problem.

Heavy stuff to deal with today. We’ve got a dose of moral relativism coming from the American sports-media establishment, a safety who’s got a problem with his surgically repaired finger and a thoroughly loathsome baseball entity to contend with. Let’s get cracking.


The good: Seahawks signed receiver D.K. Metcalf to an extension.

The bad: Safety Jamal Adams was absent on Thursday as he’s getting his surgically repaired fingers looked at.

The ugly: Watching Jim Moore run to the sprinklers. Then again, I hope I’m running through a sprinkler at age 65. God bless the man.


The good: The Mariners didn’t get shut-out though their two runs were scored in an inning in which they only had one hit.

The bad: Seattle lost to Houston 4-2, the Mariners fourth straight loss to the Astros. They are 6-10 against the team with a thoroughly annoying fan base.

The ugly: That stupid Mickey Mouse ballpark that is — and always will be — known as Enron Field. They took out the stupid hill, but it’s still full of dumb angles, garage doors and those Crawford boxes.

Small white ball

The LIV Golf discourse has taken a new and disappointing twist with some very prominent members of the American sports media — including everyone’s favorite uncle Charles Barkley — explaining that this golf promotion isn’t all that different than all the other morally conflicted enterprises we patronize. Ugh. I would say they’re carrying water for the promotion, but it’s more likely they’re cashing checks from it.

It was just a few months ago the Saudi-backed golf promotions had to fork over nine-figure checks to get a golfer like Phil Mickelson to put his name behind LIV Golf. Now, it appears that Colin Cowherd is willing to do LIV Golf’s laundry for nothing more than a hot take and some brownie points from the people who’ve been scrutinized for their involvement with the promotion.

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