Julio robbed and Russ's new job

There's no excuse for what happened to Julio Rodriguez in Anaheim, but there's no reason to get upset by what Russell Wilson's saying in Denver. Oh, and new shiny UW uniforms.

An umpiring mistake in Anaheim, an old friend reciting a familiar script and Denver and the Huskies sporting a new gleaming gold look highlight today’s newsletter.

The Mariners won 6-2 in Anaheim thanks to a four-run ninth inning in which the Angels were nothing short of incompetent.

  • The Mariners’ first three runs of the ninth inning scored on infield groundballs.

  • Luis Castillo allowed two runs in the six innings he pitched. In three starts for Seattle he has pitched 20 2/3 innings, allowed 14 hits and five earned runs with opponents batting .194. Seattle is 3-0 in those games.

  • Julio Rodriguez hit a two-run homer in the third inning, which was disallowed in spite of video evidence that it actually happened.

Same as he ever was

Russell Wilson is saying the same kind of things he’s always said. They just sound differently to Seattle now that he’s with the Broncos.

  • Seattle’s former quarterback has started leading the offense through a morning walkthrough at 7 a.m.

  • “It’s the investment into the players and the investment,” Wilson told NBC’s Peter King, “the ownership of us owning our own offense. Understanding this has to be a player-ran kind of team.”

  • He’s not going to stop scrambling. “You’ve still got to make magic every once in a while.”

The Huskies have new alternate uniforms, which are very white, very shiny and called “Husky Royalty.” One of my college roommates had a hilarious description.

“Looks like UW had a baby with Georgia Tech.”

—  Matthew Taunton, UW Class of ‘97

So the video below is all kinds of nuts, but I’ve got a question. Why does this portly man climb up on to the roof of the shed and drop onto the second-highest launch ramp?

Does he get on top of the shed, look down and decide not to go off the highest ramp because, “That would just be too crazy?” A person who climbs onto the roof of the shed to perform a free-fall drop onto a nearly vertical slide does not seem to be the type of person who is going to practice risk-mitigation so perhaps the higher ramp actually rubs off too much speed? Or maybe that would have been a bridge too far and gone really nuts.

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