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The Time Capsule is a new way to review Seattle Seahawks games, allowing you to relive the games with the moment-by-moment overreactions that Twitter is famous for

You do not watch a Seattle Seahawks game so much as you experience it. It is not for the faint of heart. There will be some agonizing. Perhaps a great deal of it. There will be some absolutely puzzling game-management decisions usually involving Pete Carroll and that little red flag he’s liable to throw without any underlying reason other than it was a big play that appeared close. And there will be some hope. Even in the most dour, and dismal of games — say a Week 2 date in San Francisco where the offense fails to reach the end zone — Seahawk fans will see the slightest glimmer of life and wonder if their team will once again rise, Lazarus-like, from a waking death and somehow pull a victory out of its keester.

The most difficult thing about covering Carroll’s Seahawks is to summarize their games the day after. You usually wind up focusing on the result. In this case, it was a 48-45 victory in Detroit in what was the highest-scoring NFL game this season. Geno Smith, D.K. Metcalf and Rashaad Penny were incredible, Seattle never had to punt and the defense — after looking good on the first two possessions — then became little more than a speed bump the rest of the way.

But that doesn’t really give you a feel for the overall emotional experience so here — with some Tweets from documented “Friends of the Newsletter” we give you Week 4 of the Seattle Seahawks in the year of our Lord, 2022:

Geno is good, again

Pete Carroll gets hormonal, again

The Seahawks defense held Detroit without a first down on each of its first two drive yet failed to get the ball back on either occasion. The first time, it was because Tyler Lockett fumbled the punt. The second time, the Lions faked a punt and Carroll challenge the ruling of a completed catch despite the lack of any video evidence that would warrant the call being overturned. In other words, vintage Carroll. His challenges tend to be prompted by the importance of the play, and the perception there is some doubt over the ruling on the field, as opposed to actual — you know — evidence that he’ll win the challenge.

Cody Barton slander

I’m not going to post the thousand video clips I’ve seen documenting the man’s shortcomings. OK. I’ll post one because it’s pretty funny, and really, really hard to understand exactly what he was trying to.

This wouldn’t be the only play that was discussed. He also failed to push Detroit tackle T.J. Hockenson out of bounds on what went on to be an 81-yard completion.

Noooooooo! Nooooooo!

With 9:32 left in the game, Seattle leading 41-31, cameras showed receiver D.K. Metcalf riding on the back of a cart toward the locker room, prompting worst-case fears of an injury so evere he could not walk.

Turned out to be something else.

Yep. D.K. Metcalf gave further description to anyone wondering about the logistical necessity of the ride.

Metcalf caught seven passes in the game for 149 yards, the third-highest single-game total in his career.

A bad Penny

Rashaad Penny rushed for 170 yards against Detroit last season, and he scored twice. Well, he racked up 151 yards this game, and not only did he score twice, but those scoring runs came on third-and-16 and third-and-5. Fortunately, those scoring runs counted despite the fact that every Seahawk fan was howling in anger at the time of the handoff, believing a run to be a mistake given the situation.

The nerds love Seattle’s offense

This is not surprising per se. There have been plenty of analytically minded observers who have touted the effectiveness of Russell Wilson over the past five years. It’s been a while since the whole shape of the offense has been praised, though.

Corporate trolling of former QB?

Yeah. Maybe a little. Here was what the team’s official Twitter account posted after the game.

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