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Links to my podcast appearances and an ode to the Pac-12 conference, which is going out in fittingly ridiculous fashion

I am going to miss this stupid idiot we call a conference.

Seriously. Just this past weekend we had officials deciding in the middle of halftime that the first half was not actually over, and that when Cal and USC returned for the second half they would first have to stage the final play of the second quarter, which would then occur after halftime.

Then there was Oregon State deciding to fake a field goal at the end of the first half of its game in Arizona. I’m not totally against that gamble, by the way. However, I do have some questions about why you would would ever decide that it’s a good idea to bet a scoring opportunity on your kicker’s ability to run for a 16-yard gain. Honestly, the Beavers kinda deserved to lose by three after that.

And then there’s Washington, which for the second straight week forced its fans to white knuckle their way through a game that was inexplicably close. Unlike the previous week’s game against Arizona State, the offense did manage to reach the end zone against Stanford. They did so a few times in fact, but it took a Stanford player dropping a fourth-down for the Huskies to cinch the victory.

I haven’t even gotten to Arizona State’s “injuries” yet. Like I said, I’m going to miss the lunatic of a conference when it’s gone.

In the mean-time, here’s the links to my conversation with Mitch this week and the Say Who? Say Pod! episode with Christian Caple:

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