The biggest losers

"The Dang Apostrophe" is providing blow-by-blow coverage of Sunday's fight between the Angels and the Mariners, including two dishonorable mentions here.

I discovered the limit on the email size for Substack’s platform because I was getting close to it with my initial anlysis of Sunday’s fight. Never one to allow others to put limits on me, I will pick up where we left off with the dirty but noble Scott Servais, who has regained the hat he lost in the initial scrum, but not the sunglasses he lost in the second go-round. He’s now being told which players he’s losing for the remainder of the game.

Now contrast that to Phil Nevin, who’s just getting an earful here from Jesse Winker. This is after the first scrum, but before the second.

We’ve documented Short-Sleeved Hoodie’s no-good very bad conclusion after his very strong start to the brawl. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to a different fellow, however. I believe he’s part of the Angels’ coaching staff. He was in the pile that included Winker and Short-Sleeved Hoodie. He was pulled off the pile by Dylan Moore, and did not like this. He punched Moore. At this point, Taylor Trammell snatched this coach’s person and at least a little bit of his soul because for the remainder of the fights, Trammell took this coach wherever he wanted him to go as the following video shows. It starts with the coach throwing the punch at Moore in the lower right corner.

Now, initially, I suspected this was Paul Sorrento, the Angels’ hitting coach. But an eagle-eyed Twitter user — and totally pleasant Angels fan — pointed out that the second of the two numbers on the coach’s sleeve is a ‘2.’ Perhaps Bill Hasselman? Except Mike Blowers knows Hasselman, and said he didn’t think that’s who Trammell had a hold of. Either way, it’s really funny.

And now we come to the dope of the fight: Raisel Iglesias. He is the Angels closer. In all my viewings of the fight, I have found no evidence that he was on the field until the first melee subsided. Now, he’s the closer so it’s unlikely he was in the bullpen. He may have been back in the clubhouse. But when he came on the field he did a lot of “angry pointing.”

And after both teams had separated, and the umpires were indicating who had been ejected, Raisel then came running on to the field because he wanted to litter, apparently.

Now, I would like to freeze that for just a moment and show the total free run that Iglesias had toward the Mariners’ dugout if he were a man of Jesse Winker’s constitution.

But not being a man of Jesse Winker’s constitution, Iglesias decided he’d just throw his team’s snacks onto the field so someone else could pick them up. And after doing this, he would stand on the field, chest puffed out like a banty rooster and … wait.

And then, once people were in position to prevent him from reaching the Mariners, he decided to make it seem like he really wanted to charge at the dugout he had declined to charge at just seconds before when he had an unimpeded path.

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