The personal price of getting worked over

I've experienced burnout at a couple of different points in my life, which I've learned was as much about what I wanted from my job as it was about what my job asked of me.

The current issue of Seattle magazine includes a column I wrote on burnout, something that I’ve experienced at a couple of different points in my life.

I’ve been contributing to Seattle magazine for a year now, and from a personal standpoint, I’ve found it to be a really incredible opportunity to write about some of the personal discoveries I’ve made. Professionally, I’m really optimistic not just because I’ve enjoyed the work, but it’s really exciting to see what publisher Jonathan Sposato and executive editor Rob Smith are doing with a legacy publication that has a clear focus and direction under their leadership.

Earlier this year, Seattle published a feature that I wrote on Nate Burleson, the former Seahawk and O’Dea graduate who has continued to challenge himself both personally and professionally after what was an incredible athletic career.

Finally, if you’re not aware, I host a Washington Huskies podcast along with Christian Caple of We’ve reached episode 52, and I think it’s really rounding into form.

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