The weekly podcast roundup

A podcast about Washington, a college team. A prediction about Washington, a pro team. And a huge payoff if an unlikely parlay comes through.

My weekly visit with Mitch Levy produces an unlikely parlay with a huge payoff. If the Seattle Seahawks win 12 games in the regular season and the Washington Commanders win the NFC East, someone says he’s going to buy 500 subscriptions to this very newsletter!!!!

Jacson Bevens and Mike Barwin invited me to come on their totally excellent Seahawks podcast, “Cigar Thoughts” and I acted the fool. Again.

And then there’s a matter near and dear to my heat: the Washington Huskies, and there’s a lot of giggling this week because one of the members of the undefeated (!!!) Pac-12 is facing a team whose coach is a man and was 40 and who once talked about a mother of children in the most hilarious fashion possible.

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