Wink's stance, Billy Joe's car and "The Goonies" was real?

We're covering a lot of ground here, starting with the Mariners' double-header sweep, the reason I often think of Billy Joe's Camaro and an exciting discovery along the Oregon coast.

The Mariners won both games of a doubleheader against Washington, giving them 10 straight, which constitutes a two-year high-water mark.

  1. Jesse Winker homered in each game of the double-header as he returned from the six-game suspension for being an absolute stud and charging the Angels dugout. He’s also got a new stance that’s actually an old stance.

  2. Four of the Mariners’ 10 straight victories have come by a score of 2-1, including the second game of Wednesday’s double-header.

  3. Seattle has won 18 of its last 21 games and stands at 47-42 heading into a four-game series in Texas before hitting the All-Star Break.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the following Tweet had nothing to do with the deepening political divide that gets talked about so often. It wasn’t about the real perpetrators of politial violence in this country or the actual danger that poses. Now, maybe it should be. But it wasn’t.

When I see a story like this, I always think of Billy Joe Hobert, and his Trans-Am, which actually turned out to be a Camaro. Here’s why.

Now hear this

The podcast is up and going again. I’m even planning to post another episode tomorrow, which includes an interview with SofieBallgame, whom you might know as the M’s fan who ordered Jesse Winker a pizza after he confronted the Angels dugout like the Buffalo-born gangster that he is.

Here is the episode I posted earlier this week if you hadn’t heard it.

The Goon Docks

Marine archeologists have discovered the pirate ship “The Goonies” was based on. OK. That’s not quite accurate. It wasn’t a pirate ship, but rather a Spanish trading ship. This ship did not have gold and gems laid out before the skeleton of One-Eyed Willie, but rather carried “treasures” like beeswax and porcelain. It wasn’t floating in a cave, ready to be sailed, either, but rather some sizable planks from the ship were stuck in the rocks of a sea cave.

And it’s possible that I was only interested in this story because I grew up in Oregon in the 1980s, and “The Goonies” was released smack dab in the middle of that decade and it was set on the Oregon coast. But for people of a certain age, I think this movie still resonates, starring Corey Feldman, “Rudy” and that barnacled woman best known for her appearance in “Throw Momma’ From the Train.” And the New York Times story detailing the verification that the remnants of this specific Spanish ship were identified among the sea caves of Nehalem Bay just south of Cannon Beach was fascinating.

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